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Castlepoint Daisy Brachyglotiss compactus
Castlepoint Daisy Brachyglotiss compactus

Preserving our Environment at Castlepoint Beach


Means guardianship, care and protection. It provides a basis for our approach to sustainably managing what we have and building an environment for current and future generations


Implies a reciprocal responsibility upon a host, and an invitation to a visitor to experience the very best we have to offer. This reflects our intention to move forward together, based on a shared and uniquely New Zealand approach.

What we are doing at Castlepoint Holiday Park and Motels:

Energy and water saving: We are installing devices that reduce the amount of electricity and water used at the park.

Recycling: Waste management stations are located throughout the park and green re cycling bins at our motel units to encourage the responsible disposal of rubbish.

Environmental: We have undertaken a tree planting programme both within the park and on surrounding hills

What you can do:

Energy and water saving: Turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, re-use towels by drying them on our clothes lines, close doors during cold weather to keep heat in, limit the amount of time you spend in the shower.

Recycling: Sort your rubbish correctly. Leave unwanted magazines and books for others to enjoy.

Environmental: Look after our trees and gardens in our Holiday Park and the Castlepoint Reserve.

Do not ride motorcycles or other vehicles on the sand dunes.

Do not remove fossils from the reserve.

Sun rise at Castlepoint
Sun rise at Castlepoint

What we are doing at Castlepoint Holiday Park and Motels to support our Community and Staff :

We have been coming to Castlepoint Beach for our holidays for many years before we moved here permanently in 1995. This is an important beach community to us. Our business provides sponsorship for area events and other volunteer groups.

We look after our staff and do our best to ensure that they feel part of our business and community.

We are involved in the following ways:

We have representation on the Castlepoint Beach residents and rate payers association who are actively working with the Masterton District council and Department of Conservation with the sea wall development and foreshore landscape design.

Provide prizes and sponsor ship to a number of fishing competitions held at Castlepoint; the Castlepoint fishing club, Battle of the Babes, Wairarapa sports fishing club

Sponsorship for the local Castlepoint Golf club

Sponsorship for the Community Parish newsletter

Sponsorship and Prizes for the Castlepoint Beach horse races

We have a marine radio base set located in our office for marine emergencies

The local Castlepoint play centre children use the playground located in the Holiday Park

We are the first point of call for people in need of first aid,

Point of contact for Civil defence and Met service warnings

Staff fishing trips and get togethers.

What you can do:

Make a donation to the Castlepoint Volunteer Rural Fire Force at reception.

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