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Shearing at Castlepoint

Click here to see Station shearing photos  

Moving the Shepards Quarters
We needed better staff housing at the Otahome end of the property, so we bought a house from a nearby property that has been planted for forestry and no longer needs buildings. It was cut in half, picked up a moved through the Station to the South end of the property.

Click here to see photos of the big move.

Aerial Topdressing
Most of the Station has fertilizer applied by airplane since the hills are too steep to do from a ground spreader.

Bulk fertilizer is hauled out by truck and dumped into the super bin. Then when the planes can fly the fertilizer is scooped out of the bin and loaded into the planes.

Click here to see photos of Aerial Topdressing at Castlepoint Station.

Click here to see the latest photos of what the Family are up to here at Castlepoint Station.

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